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Pioneer Eclipse Propane
Item No: PE420GP

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Concrete Grinder & Polisher

Description: The PE420GP is the answer to hard floor maintenance. This propane powered floor care machine grinds; polishes; and burnishes hard floor surfaces like concrete; marble; and terrazzo. Variable speed control (1000-1500 rpm); on board water supply; and a variety of diamond pads create an effective; efficient; and versatile system for professional building service contractors.

Price: $6,615.38

Equipment - Other
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SP - Acetone Sprayer


The first industrial hand-held sprayer especially designed for use with acetone and alcohol applications. This is a re-useable sprayer for all applications requiring acetone or alcohol; like decora

Metabo Grinder


Metabo Grinder w/Shroud; Handle; Wrench and Adaptor Nut. [Grinder Kit #1] 24-180;15 AMP; 8500 RPM

Stone Plate

$ 905.00

This is a must have plate for your buffer. It hold 6 each 2 x 2 x 4 inch rub stones. This is a fast way to grind old or new concrete.

Wasp Concrete Engraver


When it comes to touching up; this is the tool you must have for very fine details. It has a single reciprocating stylus cutter; called a stinger. Comes with it own case.

Pearl HEX Plate

$ 1535.00

The Pearl Line of tools are just outstanding when prep is the key to your project. This plate has about 6 combination that can be set up for any problem floor you may have.

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